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Smiley's Ice Cream

Bringing happiness to you one scoop at a time!

Ice Cream Sandwiches and "Chip-wiches"

Pictured Left:  Chip-wich sandwich filled with our premium chocolate ice cream.  

Our sandwiches are freshly made just for your event. Sandwiches can be made with two, round, 3 inch, chocolate wafers or with two of our homemade chocolate chip cookies and filled with the ice cream flavors of your choice.

We'll deliver them right to your event for free!

If you do not have a freezer to store them in for your event, we can provide coolers that will have the sandwiches packed on dry ice to keep them cold.  We'll pick up the coolers after your event is over.

Businesses really love these for employee or customer appreciation days!

If you need coolers and dry ice, you will need to cover the cost of the dry ice in addition to the cost of the ice cream sandwiches.

                                 Italian Ices and Sorbets

Our frozen Italian ices and sorbets are made the same way as our ice cream.  This ensures that they are always fresh, smooth, and never icy.  

What's the difference between a sorbet and an Italian ice?  Italian ices are made with flavored juices, while sorbets are made with fresh fruit purees and fruit juice.  

Italian ices and sorbets are portioned and priced the same as our ice cream. 

The flavor options include:


Black Raspberry


Cherry (Italian Ice only)

Red Raspberry


Blue Raspberry (Italian Ice only)

Grape (Italian Ice only)

Apple (Italian Ice only)


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