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Smiley's Ice Cream

Bringing happiness to you one scoop at a time!

                          Catering Options/Pricing

We understand that no two events are ever the same.  We want to make your next event memorable and unique.  With that understanding, please note that the following will give you a reasonable estimate on our costs, but to meet your individualized requests the prices may need to be adjusted.

Ice cream, Italian Ices, and Sorbets:

  •   $3.30 per bowl, waffle cone, or waffle bowl (This is our typical "1 scoop" but because of the way it's dipped guests can request that it be made into 2 separate flavors).
  • In addition this price includes us supplying white napkins, plastic spoons (white or clear), sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and whipped topping.  If you have specific requirements on colors/utensils let us know and we'll work with you to meet your needs.
  • We can bring additional toppings, but this will result in a higher price per bowl/cone and is dependent on how many additional toppings you want. 
Hand Spun Milkshakes:

  • Offer the opportunity for your guests to turn the ice cream flavors that you picked for your event into either a 12 or 24 oz. shake made with whole milk from our local Mt. Crawford Creamery.  Milkshakes are $4.50 (12 oz) or $6 (24 oz) for each one made at your event.

Ice Cream Sandwiches or Chipwiches:

  • $2.25 per sandwich or $3.30 for each "chip-wich".  You pick the flavors of ice cream used in the sandwiches.
  • Each sandwich comes individually wrapped in cellophane for easy handling.
  • Our chipwiches are made with our own homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • Depending on the number ordered, sandwiches are packaged 6 to a case.  For large orders, sandwiches may be bulk packed into cardboard boxes to take up less space. 
  • If you need a cooler or dry ice to keep the sandwiches cold for your event we can supply them for an additional fee. 


Set-up Fees

Depending on the number of bowls/cones used for your event, we may charge a set-up fee in addition to the cost of the ice cream served.  Below is a breakdown of set-up fee costs based on the number of bowls/cones served.

Set-up Fees
Bowls/Cones (2 scoops Each)
 0 - 50
 51 - 100
 101 - 150
 151 - 200
Travel fees: (based on round trip mileage)
Travel Fee
Round Trip Mileage
 0 - 10
 No additional fee
 A travel fee of $0.75 per mile added for each mile past the initial 10.
Our wedding plan grew from a single kernel: ice cream. We must have ice cream. We booked Smiley's Ice Cream before we even had a venue. We conducted an ice cream tasting. (We did not conduct a tasting for the caterer.) If you're getting married in the area and you want ice cream at your wedding -- and you should -- then Derek Smiley is your man. Not only is his ice cream fresh, delicious, and plentiful, he is a delight to work with. He takes ice cream seriously, as it should be taken. We forgot spoons for the tasting. He came with spoons and extra ice cream -- free of charge -- for my sister-in-law's birthday. We requested eight flavors for the reception. He came with two extra. We could not be happier. Book Smiley's Ice Cream for your ice cream needs.

Peter - Wedding Wire Review

Smiley's Ice Cream was a fantastic addition to our wedding menu. Instead of cake, we chose to have an ice cream bar complete with 5 different flavors, several toppings, and sprinkles in our wedding colors to boot! Derek was extremely flexible in coordinating his arrival and set up with the rest of our reception dinner. He was willing to make sure we had exactly what we wanted in every avenue of service including flavor choices, topping selection, even the bowls and utensils! Everything went off without a hitch and the ice cream was hit with our wedding guests! Definitely recommend Smiley's Ice Cream to anyone wanting to do something a little different for their wedding!

Kristin ~ Wedding Wire Review