Smiley's Ice Cream


 Is Smiley's Ice Cream associated with Mt. Crawford Creamery?

While we are our own business started in 2001, we do use the fresh milk and cream (which the creamery turns into our great ice cream base for us) to make our premium ice cream.

Is your ice cream gluten-free?

Our flavors are gluten-free unless we add cookies, pie crust, brownies, cake mix, etc.   Out of 16 total flavors featured on a daily basis, you can expect at least 13 of them to be gluten-free.  

Why do you not feature flavors like strawberry or peach year around?

We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients possible and we only offer strawberry in May/June when local farmers are harvesting strawberries here in the Shenandoah Valley and we only offer Fresh Peach in July/August when our farmers are harvesting valley peaches.  We use these fresh fruits to make those flavors.  

How do you ensure that there is no cross-contamination for those of us who are allergy-sensitive? 

The short answer is that we use a separate scoop for each flavor of ice cream/sorbet so for the entire shift each scoop will only dip one flavor.  Also, we keep all of the flavors that contain nuts to the far end of our dipping cabinet and we do not mind opening up a new tub of ice cream if you request to even further ensure that there is no cross-contamination.  If you'd like to know more about how we make the ice cream you can check out our allergy link. 

Are you open year-round?

Yes!  We stay open 12 months a year and 7 days a week (except for major holidays).  We have two inside seating areas for customers so no matter what the weather is outside you can enjoy your ice cream comfortably inside our shop. 

How far do you travel with your mobile ice cream trailer?

The best answer to this is that we do not have a limit.  Beyond 15 miles from our shop, we do charge a $0.75 per/mile rate (round-trip) but we are open to traveling anywhere for the right price. 

How many people can you serve from your mobile ice cream trailer for a private event?  

Our largest group served so far ended up being right at 1,400 people.  

What percentage of cream is your ice cream?

Our ice cream is 14-15 percent. 

Where do you source your products that you use to make your ice cream?

The easiest answer is from the best sources available but honestly we seek to get our products as local as possible like our valley-grown peaches, strawberries, and blueberries when they are available.  Our owner even has a small orchard that supplies our shop with fresh fruit. We make many of our mix-ins in house from scratch so we know exactly what ingredients are used in them.  While we are known for making great ice cream, behind the scenes we run a commercial kitchen daily to ensure we have complete control of the ingredients used in our ice cream.  

Can I reserve a room at Smiley's Ice Cream?

Yes, we have a party room that comfortably seats 40 people. The booking rates are $35 per hours (with no purchase of products) or $25 per hours (with purchase of products). Fill out our inquiry form here.

Can I host a fundraiser night at Smiley's?

Fundraiser Nights are available on Tuesday and Thursday's from 5pm-9pm, 20% of evening sales will be donated to your organization. 2 volunteers from the organization must be on location to assist with maintenance and clean up. Email our event coordinator for details: