Smiley's Ice Cream

We are moving... Soon!

At the corner of Dinkle Avenue and Don Litten Parkway, in the Town of Bridgewater, will be our new home. It is one of the highest points in Bridgewater with some great views!  We are unfortunately unable to grow any longer on the property of Mt. Crawford Creamery and we’ve run out of room.  In our quest to find a new location, we wanted to keep close proximity to Mt. Crawford Creamery as they are the backbone of our products. We will still be scooping up the same delicious and creamy ice cream with the help of the Mt. Crawford Creamery’s milk and cream.  However, we will also have a few new tricks up our sleeve that our customers have been asking for and we can bring to fruition with the new shop. 


We have outgrown our current location and need more storage room, freezer room, refrigerator room, and prep room. We are building a shop that will allow for twice the parking area, have the space to allow for two outside serving lines and two inside serving lines, have outside and inside seating options, and give us room to grow and work. It will have some nice grassy areas around our shop for people to picnic, host events, perhaps some games, or just room for people to stretch their legs after a long trip on I-81. We can’t wait to share the journey with you as the ground-breaking will hopefully be happening soon. 


Thank you for your continued support as we love this community and are proud to serve you! We will be back with more pictures after we break ground. Stay tuned for updates and progress pictures along the way as we are excited to share this journey with you!

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Photo Credits: Bessie Black Photography