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We are committed to making ice cream that is not only delicious but is safe for people with allergies and food concerns. Take a look at our process and how we go about allergy prevention:


We always use separate scoops when dipping our ice cream. This ensures that every flavor has its own scoop and scoops are not being used for multiple flavors.


We do not use a dipping well at our shop. A dipping well is a small sink that contains running water that a lot of ice cream shops use to rinse and clean scoops between dipping. Because we have so many scoops, we can swap out scoops if one needs to get cleaned during a shift and we only clean using the wash, rinse, and sanitize method.


We also offer dairy-free options at our shop. We make and keep four flavors of homemade sorbets that do not contain any dairy products. Our flavors are gluten-free unless we add cookies, pie crust, brownies, cake mix, etc. We also have a wonderful gluten-free baker that we added to our staff with the goal to offer every flavor we make as a gluten-free option. However, we often have to sell our gluten-free specialty flavors as take-home quarts due to limited dipping cabinet space.


In our dipping cabinet, we keep all flavors containing nuts or nut products in the rightmost corner. This way, the tubs are not spread out all throughout the dipping cabinet to help ensure that cross-contamination doesn't occur. 


When we are making our batches of ice cream, we are mindful of the order in which they are made throughout the day to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. For example, we start the day by making flavors with no allergen issues first (chocolate, vanilla, black raspberry etc.). Next, we do flavors that contain any gluten (cookies & cream, brownie flavors, etc.). Finally, we end each day making the flavors that contain nuts or nut products so these are the last flavors made out of our batch freezer. As we switch flavors the machine is cleaned between flavors and when we finish making ice cream for the day, the ice cream batch freezer is completely disassembled so that proper washing, rinsing, and sanitizing can happen to ensure that it is clean and ready to begin making more ice cream the next day.


Take a look at what each of our flavors contain. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to give us a call at 540-271-2805.

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