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Derek Smiley holding ice cream cones


Smiley's Ice Cream began in 2001 to bring the freshest ice cream you can eat, made at your location, to your next event. We started out at our local Farmer's Market, but due to requests from customers and businesses to bring ice cream to their events, we became too busy to continue the market on a regular basis. We currently travel throughout Virginia and surrounding areas to bring our freshly made ice cream to weddings, businesses, street festivals, and private events. In June of 2017, we opened our first ice cream shop on the grounds of Mt. Crawford Creamery but quickly ran out of room for production and parking for customers, so we built a new shop that opened in October of 2021.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream
Peach Ice Cream


Bringing you happiness one scoop at a time! We are a family-run and owned ice cream shop specializing in making farm-fresh, premium, homemade ice cream, sorbet, ice cream cake & cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and other ice cream novelties. We offer rotational weekly, monthly and everyday flavors. 

Chocolate ice cream with candied pretzels
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk ice cream in a cone
Strawberry Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream


We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients possible. We seek to get our products as local as possible like our valley-grown peaches, strawberries, and blueberries when they are available. Derek Smiley even has a small orchard that supplies our shop with fresh fruit. We make many of our mix-ins in-house, from scratch, so we know exactly what ingredients are used in them and can ensure the best quality and flavor possible.  

We are committed to making ice cream that is not only delicious but is safe for people with allergies and food concerns.

That's Our Promise.


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